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Comedy Entertainer and Stage Hypnotist

Ontario Comedy Hypnotist Richard Cole provides the Ultimate in Audience Participation. Comedy club, corporate convention, high school assembly, resort or hotel setting, or even a public theatre presentation, Richard can provide the perfect entertianment for your guests!

Comedy entertainer and hypnotist Richard Cole proves this ain’t your Granddaddy’s Comedy Show!
Perhaps you’ve seen other hypnosis shows that were slow paced. Perhaps you’ve seen the same show year after year after year. Why would you do that? Perhaps there were no other options. Well there is now!!
Richard has a team which helps him create a brand new show every year. From the very first skit to the bows, you can feel confident that you’ll see things you never thought you would see.
Cutting Edge Fun!
A crisp, clean show. Fun and excitement, not humiliation and insult. The Richard Cole Comedy Hypnosis Show can be presented, with confidence, to your community, family, friends. Grandmother friendly!! Richard never has anyone lying on the floor. That’s just dangerous. Besides, everyone wants to SEE what’s happening, and it’s difficult, if everyone’s lying on the floor. You want a SAFE show. Richard provides that.
The Most Affordable Comedy Hypnotist
If you’re shopping for the best price, remember this: “You get what you pay for!!” Richard knows that you’ve been put in charge of organizing a top quality event … and come in under budget. Sometimes he can, sometimes he can’t. Let Richard know what budget you have to work with and he’ll put together a show suited for that budget. He is one of the only hypnotists who offers flexibility in his pricing by offering a Silver, Gold, and Platinum show. One of these three shows is perfect for your group and budget.
Sure you get what you pay for, but you don’t need to lose it all!!

Seminars & Fundraising Options Available
Not only can the Richard Cole Comedy Hypnosis show provide you with a worry free event,
but he can also provide your community with support through his fundraising option. Proceeds
from the show go to worthwhile causes throughout the community. Perhaps a group needs to
raise funds to send kids on a trip to Europe, or a high school needs to expand. Richard
always offers clean, professional, and entertaining shows everyone can enjoy!

A Giant Yellow Banana
Richard provides everything you need to host an incredibly successful, and fun event. While others may have you rent sound and lights, the Richard Cole Comedy Hypnosis Show comes complete with all you could ask for. If it’s required, he brings his own sound system, lights, and music. All you need to provide is the performance area, a few chairs, and an audience ready to have the best time of their life.
You get it all: A great show, worry free set up and tear down, an affordable price, happy friends, yearbook quality memories …. And a Giant Yellow Banana.



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