Speaking Topics

Interactive and Content Rich Keynotes for Schools, Businesses, Groups & Organizations

Marketing Keynotes for Businesses and Individuals

The 5 Power Words of Hypnotic Influence and Selling (Hypnotic Marketing 2.0)
Imagine incorporating 5 simple words into your advertising, marketing, and even spoken language today that would subliminally drive customers to you.  We teach you not only the words to use, and why they work, but also how to use them to maximum impact.

Keynotes for Organizations, Employees & Individual Growth

Goals Are For Sports: Benchmark Your Way To Success!
We all make admirable goals.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t achieve those aspirations.  Why is that? More importantly, how can we make sure we DO achieve success? Benchmarking Your Way To Success is the cutting edge, trending way to achieve success in any organization, or personal growth.

Keynotes for Education

For Students:  Zed whY – eX-Warrior & Other Wicked Brain Hacks

Through fun and interactive games and demonstrations like this, Rick performs as the Mental Artiste and, teaches students how to use their imagination and imagery to open the possible abilities of their minds.  Students learn to generate “out of the box” creative ideas and make them a reality; de-stress to unclutter their minds; and easy-to-master memory tips and tricks to remember names, people, lists…even school stuff!

For Educators: Make’m Laugh: It’s a good frame of mind for learning.
Do you remember your favourite teacher? Did they make you laugh..while ALSO challenging you to learn?  Studies suggest students who engage more learn more. Our first step to learning is emotion.

Keynotes for Health

You Can Reduce Your Stress
Stress kills.  It increases workplace sick days, and decreases company efficiency.  Teach your staff how to reduce their stress in as little as 30 seconds.  Less time than a smoke break, and far more healthy, and beneficial. Your group will learn multiple current and effective techniques to keep the Demon of stress down.